First Time at the Rodeo, Stay Nearby

Being a food truck operator means you are constantly on the go.  You spend as much time preparing for the hours you are open as you do selling food.  The popularity of food truck rodeos mean traveling to nearby cities and towns.  While it’s always great to try out new territory, traveling can be tiresome.  But using Groupon to shop is a great way to set your plans in motion.  Searching for deals on Groupon helps save so much money and it’s a convenient way to find multiple listing for rooms using time saving filters like price and size. offers savings of up to 40% off hotel rooms so you can easily afford an upgrade and earn points as well.  Sometimes you must quickly respond to an offer to join a rodeo.  Wait and your competitor’s going to get that coveted spot serving up their slices.  When a quick decision is needed, having gives you the advantage.

You might think operating a food truck is following your passion without having the boss looking over your shoulder.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  The public is the boss and their opinion matters.  You don’t want to be the one who threw off the whole rodeo because you overslept and didn’t get to your assigned space in time.  When you stay in a hotel, you want to be sure to ask about the amenities that will work for your business, and keep your best interest in mind.  A little thing like having room service can be the difference in the room you book.  Knowing there will be a hot tub waiting at the end of a long festival day is valuable information.  With you can find that info and keep it handy.  They offer thousands of hotel, motel and extended stay options so there is always something to choose that fits your wallet.  And who wouldn’t love staying in a 4-star hotel for $89 or less?

You can do all your planning from your smart phone which adds to the ease and convenience.  You can set an alert to book your room so you don’t forget just like you would to remind yourself of other deadlines.  So when it’s time to hit the road again, don’t act like it’s your first time at the rodeo.  Take advantage of the money saving deals on Groupon.


Post Author: Camden Leoon