Ben Et Florentine: A Great Entrepreneurial Opportunity

If you are looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity, and you live in the Quebec are of Canada area, you might not find one with more promise than Ben et Florentine franchise.  This is a company that many have already found to offer excellent immediate benefits with very competitive investment requirements.

Ben Et Florentine: The Data

Put simply, Ben et Florentine is doing very well.  In just six years after their initial open, the company has already opened 40 franchises.  Perhaps they have been so successful in doing so because it only costs $175,000 investment, on average.  Some might also appreciate that franchises are only open until 3 pm.


The Advantages to Franchising

But just knowing that a company has been successful is only part of the equation.  There are many other benefits that go along with opening a franchise.  For example, when you start a business from scratch you not only have to develop the concept on your own but you will also need to do all the marketing and develop clientele in order to evolve brand recognition.

Brand recognition is the public regard for a company.  Disney, for example, has massive brand recognition but a business that you start in your home office will have, basically, none at all.  When you open a franchise with a successful company—like Ben et Florentine—you will be in charge of a business that already has great brand recognition.

In addition to brand recognition, though, operating an established franchise also eases your marketing efforts.  That’s because the overseeing company will manage much of the marketing and advertising; it is covered in your franchise fee.

Finally, another benefit to opening a franchise with a well-established company will give you access to proven tools, equipment, and systems that have been put in place because, quite simply, they work.  Everything from your menu to your kitchen supplies to your uniforms have already been chosen for you; All your manuals and paperwork has been drafted, and your rules and regulations laid out for you.

All you have to do is follow the recipe, so to speak!


Post Author: Camden Leoon